Rating of real profitability of mining pools

The same S19j 104TH manners work on each pool from the rating. Every day, the floors are paid by the BTC, and we calculate what kind of profitability the 1TH given by the equipment receives for each pool.

ChartRatingPoolPayrate, BTC
1 slushpool 100.00%0.00000469
2 Nicehash 82.26%0.00000386
3 sbicrypto 78.32%0.00000368
4 Emcd 77.15%0.00000362
5 luxor 77.02%0.00000361
6 binance 76.97%0.00000361
7 poolin 76.97%0.00000361
8 f2pool 76.55%0.00000359
9 btc.com 75.79%0.00000356
10 AntPool 75.78%0.00000356
11 viabtc 75.48%0.00000354
To compare your return to the rating, take the external monitoring link from your pool account and add it to the form below.
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We collect data on a daily basis:

avr. Hashrate- Average hash rate in 24 hours

avr. Payment- Payment in 24 hours

By the formula avr. Payment / avr. Hashrate = Real Payrate

Real Payrate is The real rate at which the pool paid for 1 Terahash, received from the miner. Or in other words, the number of BTC paid by the pool for 1Th transferred to it by the miner.

We form a database of Real Payrate for each day for all pools. By comparing the average Real Payrate (24h) for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days, we get a rating - which pool was more profitable for the miner in any of those periods.

If you check the box next to the pools you are interested in in the column Chart, then below you will see graphs where you can visually see the dynamics of pool profitability, compare several pools, compare the stability of the pools.
The chart is based on the Real Payrate(24h) coefficients.
If on any day the miner of one of the pools did not work - this date does not participate in calculating the rating and graph for other pools.
Some pools provide a report on payments not immediately, but with a delay of 1-2 days, so the current and yesterday's dates are removed from the comparison and graph construction.

Often pools give special terms, such as sharing their commission with large accounts - in this case the yield 1Th must be different from the base, which we get. To check this, we have added an option to substitute link to external monitoring from your pool in rating. In the comparison, you can see the quantitative difference between your conditions in the pool from the base, as well as your yield is compared with other pools. The system will show how much you could earn or lose if you worked in other pools based on history. Some pools do not provide such links. If necessary, we will describe this article in more detail and provide links on how to get links to external monitoring from different pools.

Real Payrate directly depends on the complexity of BTC network, with increasing complexity profitability decreases and vice versa. Also the more participants in BTC network the less profit per participant.


Release 1.0

  • Profitability rating
  • Connect TOP 10 pools
  • Collection of statistics by the pool API
  • Watcher link user
  • Telegram bot

Release 2.0

  • Connection of new pools to ranking
  • Connection to pools via STRATUM server
  • Collect statistics without contacting pool
  • Seamless switching between pools
  • Cashback - transfer of referral fees to miners
  • User wallet
  • Personal account LVL1

Release 3.0

  • Automatic selection and switching to the most profitable pool
  • Mining Calculator
  • Monitor additional coins
  • Automatic selection of a profitable coin
  • ERP system for miner and hotel mining
  • Personal account LVL2
  • Adding to SOLO rating
  • Pool load and loss analysis

  • We hope that the rating will be useful for miners.
  • Improvement of income and quality of service for miners. If rating will be used actively - pools will pay attention to this rating, they will be less greedy, reduce their commission and compete for the user by increasing the service.
  • Maybe we do not take into account some criteria, make wrong calculations.
We will be grateful if you can give a reasonable criticism of the service, tell us what else can be implemented, how to help the mining community.
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